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New Website Launch – Diamond Property Inspection

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Greg Terry

Welcome To My New Site!

I want to start my first blog post as the grand opening/launch of my new website for Diamond Property Inspections, owned by me, Greg S. Terry. This website will allow me to have more up-to-date features such as having posts that will reach to all of my platforms for social media, real estate, inspection, Zillow, Yelp! etc. The decision came due to the ever changing digital landscape that we call the internet. I quickly noticed that I needed to integrate my website to many platforms, gadgets, tablets & phones. Since launching this site, I have noticed that I can navigate much easier from link to link.

I made a decision to allow Snapback Creative Design, owned by Ross Fender, to write a proposal and build a website for me that will help me in the ease of reaching my followers, create and publish more interactive media and articles, make my website more appealing to the visitor or consumer. The design process was made easy for me (which I was banking on) and all that I had to do is provide some web material and access to different online platforms. My hope with this new site is to build and expand an audience and help inform the community through my passion of education. Please feel free to click around and make suggestions or point out anything that you find peculiar or out of place. We have just launched and a few tweaks here and there are expected. Enjoy!

Snapback Creative Design

If you are interested in some information about getting a website designed similar to this site or a site based on your business, portfolio or just in need of a personal site then Snapback Creative Design’s information is below. Services also include, website maintenance, upgrade, operation, advertising, or article writing. He also did all of the graphics on this site as well, so if you are interested in photo editing, creating books or PDFs, newsletters and email blast templates, then look no further.

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