Value of a Home Inspection

Vital For Consumers

A Home Inspection is a vital part of the home buying/selling process; it’s the best way to determine the overall condition of the home and property.Home inspections are important for both old and new homes. An experienced home inspector will be able to define any current issues with the property and any potential problems that should be, notes the value of home inspections and why having an inspection is a vital part of the home buying/selling process.

Integrity & Authenticity

Here at Diamond Property Inspections, we strictly follow privacy and disclosure laws for our clients. We specialize in taking extra steps to make sure you know what you are getting when agreeing to an home inspection. Handling private and sensitive information top priority and our reviews show that we are the real deal. When it comes home inspection we leave no stone un-turned, our reviews prove it.

Educated and Credentialed

Education is regarded as one of the most important factors for home inspectors. With ever changing standards and laws, a home inspector must be up to par with municipal, state and federal laws, especially since there is no state mandated licensing for home inspection in California. we take pride in earning over 30 continuing education hours to satisfy certification renewal. However, Greg Terry averages over 100 CEC/hours per year, every year, for 13 years. He love what we do and enjoy educating our clients.