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corona home inspector, diamond property inspectionTypically, most consumers call a number of inspection companies and asking the least important question first. That question is “How much?”  Consumers should be more concerned with the inspector’s qualifications. Purchasing a home is a huge financial investment. In the great state of California home inspectors are NOT licensed, for this reason we believe the following questions should be asked of all potential inspectors.

Questions to Ask

1)      What are your qualifications as a home inspector?

2)      Do you belong to any professional inspector organizations? If so which ones?

3)      Are you a part-time or Full-time inspector?

4)      Do you carry E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance?

5)      Can I get a sample report?

6)      Do you have references (should be at least 3)?

7)      What is the fee for my home with the information I have given?

Our fees are based on the square footage of the property, occupancy use (single-family residence, duplex, detached structures, commercial.)

Please call 951-351-1855 for a price quote. Or click here to fill out a form to book an inspection.

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